Last days in Ireland and a bittersweet farewell

I have been slacking since we left cork, but I must finish it now.

I fell in love in Dunmanway! It was such a cute town but also the students in the 6th class were amazing. They taught me how to dance and make me laugh. They asked meaningful questions and funny ones that stood out from previous classes. Even though it was a short time in the school, i found why i teach. It is because of the students.

Later that evening, we were graciously welcomed into Aisling’s home. Her family was too kind by feeding all of us a three course meal and then teaching us Irish sings, pretty much listening to our different tuned voices. Then we went out to bar for the first time a nd what an experience. We were extremely under dresed, everyone was dressed in the nicest, super attractive clotthign as we were all in jeans and a nice shirt. :/ We still made the best of it by dancing and having a lot of fun singing to the 90’s songs that played all night.

Lastly, was Gallway and Patrick’s school. Just like everyone, how could i expect anything less but kindness. They had an entire assembly for us, telling u about the life in Ireland and their traditions. Especially their love of music and dance. We all go to hear them sing songs and one song even made some people cry. We then went to visit a classroom bu we spent the time answering questions about the U.S.A.

Now a bittersweet return home.



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