Cork county schools and more!

I don’t know what to say. Shin aids schools was beautiful, perfect for teaching. It looked like it was meant for teaching, it was colorful, it was size appropriate, and the classrooms were built for teaching with space. We also were welcomed and greeted like no other. We had an amazing spread of food for tea time and the students had such amazing personalities. It was fun to be in and teach our fourth class.
Next was Ashlings school, it was a bit different set up a little confusing but the classrooms were set up to teach. They all had smart boards and all of students had a routine with all of their things since they do not have desks with personal space they keep things on top and in bins and it is still organized. We also got to see and ask questions about the all Irish schools. It was funny because the students believed they had to speak to us in Irish and I know three words so I was lost for a bit. When the teacher taught lessons she was kind enough to accommodate us and had students help explain and used motions to teach the lesson so we could understand. It was very interesting.
Then to Jameson where I became a whiskey expert. Then to titanic where I learned more about the titanic than I thought. Overall a great learning experience day!
Pictures are to be announced…..



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