Moving on to Cork!

Early start but I slept the entire way to the caves. And I didn’t really think I was there because it looked like a normal house on a normal country street. But we walked up to the window and the lady said ten euro I believe per person and she would be our tour guide. We walked up the rainy hill and waited to see where to go. It was an old iron door on the side of ridge. And down we went 200 meters of steps! We got down and the further we went the bigger it was!
Next was lunch at shenaids. All I can say is yum and a big thank you! The house was beautiful and a piece of home we all needed.
Then to blarney castle and the kissing stone. We walked up the tall winding stairs that got smaller and smaller the further up you went. Went to kiss the stone and opened my eyes once I got down and got a bit scared! But I did it. Now at the hostile just hanging out.

Enjoy the pictures below!









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