Exploring Dublin

I know I have said this before but what a day. We started off about a bit strong at the Guinness Storehouse. The storehouse was set up by the process of creating the beer and how it effected Ireland. First, is the ingredients, then the mixing ( a lot more to it the mixing but I can not remember the names for each step), once mixed properly then it is put into handmade craft barrels. They used to make 1000 handmade craft barrels a week. Now of course they have modernized but watching the process of making those barrels was incredible. We then got to experience the beer in a way I had never experienced before. I was never really a fan of the strong taste but now I understand the various scents and taste in the beer. I may not drink it but I understand it better than I thought. Then off to lunch and trinity college. We finally got to have tradition Irish lunch, Bangers and Mash. I loved it!!!!!! Then trinity college was amazing, very quiet compared to the city it was in, which was nice to see. We saw the famous book and the library. Then we got to explore Dublin with our free tour guide Patrick. Had a good day and now on the quiet bus back home.















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