Days in Saint Conair.

People always say you learn so much when abroad and boy have I learned. Big lesson I learned today was do NOT trust technology. I tried something new and it changed a word to non block word that I would never use on my blog. Luckily, I had Dr. O looking out and mentioned it. So now I start again and gladly; I would never want a word like that on here.
So here we go! What can I say about Saint Conairs but amazing; marvelous teachers, respectful and amiable student, and hospitable staff. We went to the third class the first day and Mrs. Malone was so nice and inciting. She moved her schedule to allow us to read and do an activity. I got to read flotsam to the third class and I was really glad to hear that she liked the wordless books for older students. I also got to see how they teach Irish and it was amazing and confusing. I had a student help me translate as they were practicing but I still an only remember one word, hata means hat.
The next day was much different, still amazing but a lot to see and so little time. We first went the math aid I guess. I can’t remember the word for it but it was incredible to watch. They did station teaching and they were teaching the first class to remember how to count by 5’s and 10’s to allow for easy addition. The student could count to 100 and backward starting at odd points. They could count by 10 starting at 6. It was incredible to see a 6 year old do so much when we don’t think they can. Most of the teachers said kids love responsibility and thrive on it and it’s true. They can do so much and love it. That is definitely something I will take back with me. I then went to a different third class where I got to observe art, which is taught by the classroom teacher. That to me is very different but I do like that we have specials teachers because I don’t know how to teach music. I’m the least tuned person in the world. I sing more off tune then the off tune birthday song. Lastly, I answered questions about America but it ended up being is this or that bigger than a mountain.
The last day was very short but just as equally amazing. We observed senior infants with the reading specialist and they were all international students and they loved being there. They didn’t feel different or missing out on something. Then we got to see Oliver and had a discussion with the teachers to see what they believed.


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