Touring Limerick!

What a day! We did so much and I took so many pictures, too many to even show on the blog from my iPad. I will post them once I get back to the states. It is such a unique city, we saw shops with all different types of building structures, each now match the stores personality, as if it was its own person. But first we toured the campus of Mary Immaculate College and I must say the insides of these buildings are remarkable. This school is definitely a great place to study; they have really thought out the uses for each classroom and each student in placing the seating. I would like to first talk about the lime tree theatre entrance it have a auditorium like set up for a place for students to meet and relax. It gives plenty of space for students to meet, sit, and maybe. Not many tables but still very cool. Next it their stage, Holly told us that is the largest in Limerick and now allows for this side or Ireland experience more escalated theatre plays and dance shows the. Ever before because of the quality and size. It was just amazing how many fit and it did not look very wide.
Next was the education classrooms, they were made exactly for education students. They had double sided mirrors for observing without pressure. Then in the room Dr. O mentioned to be like block rooms were meant to have extra space for posters and work and have a stage inside for the speaker/teacher. It was also bright without being fluorescent because of the windows they placed and colors they chose. It was absolutely amazing. We then got to tour the radio station which is student centered for any student, not just mass communications majors. They play music, read books, have guest, and discussions. Just an infinite amount of possibilities when your seeing new things. You find things you may love and want to take with you and others that you see as space for improvement. Mary immaculate college was just so nice but not only the school itself but the people. First, Holly for all she did. She showed us the school and the city. Then, if course the president for finding time to meet with us and prove scones and tea.
Now on to the touristy part. I am a big picture person and you can ask anyone I stopped and was far behind everyone just taking so many pictures. I loved it, the architecture we passed on the way to King Johns castle. It may have been a slight problem at the castle because I missed a few informational pieces from the tour guide but I got great pictures. I did get a majority of the information. I learned about the types of people that were in Ireland and how it changed with time and the importance of the rivers.
We then went the Hunt Museum for lunch and a tour and what an amazing collection of artifacts. The hunt family was very interesting, as a businessman he kept a great collection of things that he used on a daily bases as if they were thousands of years old or worth a lot of money. But if it weren’t for that we would never be so fortunate to see it all together and know the variety of backgrounds. I fell in love with two pieces, one the wooden sculpture that was one of a kind. It was hard to understand when they had to find out when and where it came from. It was a piece of Greek style art but was made of wood which didn’t happen. Then they found the wood was from Egypt which made the doubt it as Greek but the style and hair was Greek no doubt about but also they had found that it was cut long before is was sculptured. It is one of a kind and worth a lot of money, I can’t remember the amount. My next favorite piece was the ring Mr. Hunt gave to his wife Gertrude that spelled out dearest with the first letter of each stone on the ring, just adorable and romantic.
Lastly, we saw Saint Mary’s Cathedral. It is the oldest cathedral in Ireland. It was catholic at the start and now is Protestant, but the director said it was always meant for a Christian church. It was a beautiful large church and had many interesting things. There are three I focused on, first the lepracy squint. It was a hole in the wall built for the people that had lepracy and allowed them to see mass and get the offering. Next was the alter, the director told us for a while after the war it was outside because the soldiers had moved it outside. It is inside now and has this beautiful, detailed, handmade embroidery with multiple colors. Lastly, was the old chairs they had, they were there because in olden times church lasted hours and well one would get tired so they were allowed to lean on them but not sit until the end. Hannah tried sitting in one but it buckled a bit so it wasn’t very good to sit on anymore because of their age. Limerick is just gorgeous and historical, I really can’t wait to see more.


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