Attempt number two

Ok. So I wrote one but I do not know what happened. So hopefully this works.
Finally here were the first words I said in Ireland. The struggle to get here was something I had never experienced before. We landed in Newark, New Jersey no problem but getting off was a bit more difficult. First, the airport did not have a gate available for us due to all the delays from the snow. Then we had a gate but a pile of snow was in the way so we waited on the plane until they cleared the way. We were sitting on the plane waiting longer than the flight to New Jersey. Then our layover was longer than expected due to the delays on our flight to Shannon, Ireland. It was delayed two hours but when we finally got on the plane part of the plane was frozen and we had to wait on the plane for almost two more hours. So finally was the best words to say once I arrived.
Day one in Ireland was relaxing. We had no plans but dinner at 5, I think. So my mission was to try and not sleep. So we walked around a bit and I got to notice things that were different from the U.S. First was the side on which they drive and well it is still hard to get used to I walk on the wrong side and almost got hit by a car. Oops. They weren’t going fast but it was funny because I forgot I was in the wrong. Next thing I noticed was the houses. They are beautiful, just like I have ever wanted in a house, cute and quirky. So far this trip has been me getting to see the differences and get used to a new country.
Today, we went to the mall and got to see a movie. I realized that tax on items are already included, so excitingly prices are actually what they say they are. After lunch, I went to see a movie, Nelson Mandela, it was very good. Once we left the theatre we saw Gypsy’s, a different experience because I had seen them only on tv. After dinner we relaxed for a bit and then played a funny game that allowed us all to get more acquainted. I can not even remember the name but it was very funny.










One thought on “Attempt number two

  1. Thanks, \Maryssa! So glad that you are with us on this study abroad. Keep reflecting on what you are learning from the speakers, teachers, principals, children, and your peers. Your photographs are wonderful, and truly capture the beatuy of this country, as well as our excitement:)
    See you at the crack of dawn!

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